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Huffing and Puffing fails to impress Mr Putin

Published Monday, March 10th, 2014

The EU is in a foreign policy mess. It is being seen for the lightweight gang that it really is with members’ personal interests more important than the interests of the whole. I have yet to see anyone salute the EU flag you can imagine President Putin saying, amongst many other derogatory remarks including the fact that the EU Commission as an unelected body has no credibility in terms of giving lectures on democracy and responding to the will of electorates.

It is not an unreasonable claim to suggest that the EU has brought this situation on itself by its aggressive expansion Eastwards for reasons that make no economic sense. It is an invitation to conclude that the driver has been political expansionism to which Russia has taken exception. EU aspirations have given Putin the macro context in which to act as he has done and the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and subsequent actions without an election the event excuse.

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Posted by David Hufton