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Russia put on the naughty step

Published Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

President Putin will be pleased with developments yesterday. A 97% vote in the Crimea for joining Russia on an 83% turnout enabled him without hesitation to recognize the peninsula as a “sovereign and independent country”. There was also overwhelming popular support in Russia itself including from Mikhail Gorbachev who said it corrected a historic “mistake” and “should be welcomed”.

All achieved quickly and easily and so far at little cost. The US and EU responded with pinprick gestures that are little more than finger wagging and the equivalent of banning Russia to the “naughty step” so beloved by modern parents as an ineffective means of child discipline.

There are threats of deeper sanctions if Russia does not “de-escalate” the situation. How do you de-escalate an annexation? It will not be undone. The diplomatic message is easily read by Russia as do not go any further otherwise you will make things very difficult for us. Move your troops back, leave Eastern Ukraine alone and we will not take any further action.

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Posted by David Hufton