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Central Bankers back on centre stage

Published Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Messrs. Kerry and Lavrov have moved off stage left still talking through each other and been replaced on centre stage by that ubiquitous group operating under the name of Central Bankers. Suggestions please for a noun to cover a grouping of this species. A pomp perhaps on the basis that they take themselves so seriously? Or how about a slither on the grounds that you can never quite pin them down?

There are many who believe that stock markets are strong because investors believe that at any serious sign of trouble central bankers will throw money at the problem, be they American, British, European, Chinese or Japanese.

Investors know however that eventually any edifice built on loose money will collapse as more and more cracks are papered over but they will run with the herd hoping to beat the turn. For a hawk, monetary easing is effectively wall papering and modern central bankers are in danger of being little more than decorators called in to spruce up the property.

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Posted by David Hufton