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Putin 82 – Obama 41

Published Friday, May 2nd, 2014

May Day provided an opportunity for President Putin to revel in his 82% domestic popularity rating. Why change course with a popularity rating like that? Compare that with President Obama’s 41% and President Holland’s 18%, both only on a good day.

May Day was a rather appropriate date for the Ukraine to re-introduce conscription and overnight comes news that Ukrainian forces have launched a major offensive to take Slaviansk. Is this the excuse for Russian forces to cross the border in a burst of May Day delirium? The fact is that we simply don’t know and it is impossible to predict and position for the outcome.

The Donbass region of eastern Ukraine is responsible for a third of Ukraine’s industrial output. Lose it and the Ukraine is economically neutered. The IMF is already warning that its $17bn bailout offer is conditional on the Ukraine retaining control over its eastern territories.

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Posted by David Hufton