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Your kids would not believe it

Published Monday, June 16th, 2014

Dad, why is the Middle East such a mess? Well son, it’s a long story but it goes something like this. We invaded Iraq because there was a bad man called Saddam Hussein who invaded Kuwait, possessed nuclear weapons and used oil supply as a means of blackmail. He was removed and disposed of but it turns out that he had no nuclear weapons. He supported the Sunni side of the Islamic faith and was rather nasty to many of his own people and in particular to Shias.

He was replaced by a regime dominated by Shias which has shown no real gratitude towards the western governments that enabled them to gain power, preferring instead the approaches of our enemy, Iran. After years of repression by the Sunnis under Saddam they have not surprisingly failed to form the inclusive government they promised. Moreover they were keen for western forces to leave to allow them to get on with running the country and looking after their own security.

The Sunnis, in response to not being included in government, are suspicious and afraid of repression to come and have responded sympathetically to a Sunni terrorist group called ISIS which wants to form a caliphate comprising land taken from both Syria and Iraq. Isis is scything through Northern Iraq and marching towards Baghdad.

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Posted by David Hufton