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A war full of doubts

Published Monday, September 29th, 2014

Air strikes on Syria and Iraq and baton charges and tear gas in Hong Kong dominated the weekend headlines. This is not a happy world. Globalisation was advertised as bringing people together, not pushing them apart. The political unrest in Hong Kong has disturbed Asian stock markets which had been expected to follow up on Friday’s Wall Street rally.
The die is cast and War has once again come to the Middle East. The UK parliament voted overwhelmingly on Friday to join the alliance and participate in airstrikes on IS in Iraq, but it will only join half of the war so when IS move back into Syria to dodge the bombs they will not be pursued by the Brits or French among others. It is tempting to believe that it is a half-baked response offered more to show willing than anything else.
The UK vote was in favour but also half-hearted. There is universal consensus that IS has to be stopped but plenty of doubt that air strikes will do the job. The Westminster debate was full of angst, worries about mission creep, concern about unforeseeable consequences and worries that it will not only fail but fuel more terrorism. David Cameron warned that the operation against IS will last years rather than months and made it clear that had the Labour Party been supportive he would have sought a mandate to include Syria in the air raids as well.

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Posted by David Hufton