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Dirty tricks in the nastyzone

Published Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The eurozone ceasefire did not last long. Greek anger is now being directed at Spain and Portugal with Alex Tsipras accusing Madrid and Lisbon of leading an anti-Greek axis in Europe. He claims that they were the awkward squad alongside Germany in the brinkmanship negotiations and are conspiring to bring down his government by driving Greece into “financial asphyxia”. Their motive he suggests is to ensure that Syriza is not successful in achieving its anti-austerity objectives so thwarting the rise of similar parties in their own countries.

We are now being told that Greece will struggle to repay the €1.5 billion it owes the IMF this month unless it raids its pension reserves. Adding to the ill will and conspiracy theories was a leak from the Spanish Economy Minister that there are already secret discussions taking place on a third bailout of €30 to 50 billion to which Spain will have to contribute 14%. Dirty tricks perhaps in what is rapidly becoming the nastyzone, but probably true.

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Posted by David Hufton