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Time to take some decisions

Published Monday, March 16th, 2015

It is astonishing that sentiment is as positive as it is when you consider the wide range of unresolved issues facing the world. There is an ebb and flow in terms of the attention they receive but any one of them could produce a shock that will derail whatever embryonic recovery is taking place. Apologies in advance for starting the week off on a depressing note but a Greek exit is still a possibility, the Federal Reserve is still agonising over when to increase interest rates, China has not yet achieved a soft landing, a nuclear deal with Iran has yet to be agreed, we await President Putin’s next acquisition and IS is a threat not just in the Middle East but in Africa as well. The fact that these are old concerns does not make them any less potent.

The eurozone is in a very fragile condition which is why it has had to turn to the last resort of QE. The Greek nightmare continued last week. The opposing parties are a long way off a deal that will prevent Greece from defaulting. The Greek Finance Minister says that his country is the most bankrupt in the world. The Greek Defense Minister says that if Europe leaves Greece in crisis it will flood it with migrants many of whom will be jihadis. The Greek Justice Minister wants parliament to approve a bill to seize German state assets in compensation for unpaid war reparations. The Greek Prime Minister says that Nazi atrocities are still “fresh in the memory” of Greek people.

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Posted by David Hufton