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An imaginary OPEC emergency meeting — Friday January 15 2016

Published Friday, January 15th, 2016

Chairman’s introduction:- Gentlemen, we are meeting in emergency session because of the collapse of oil prices below $35 bbl and to discuss what action, if any, we should take. The facts are that the oil price has fallen from $116 bbl in June 2014 to $30 bbl today. As measured by our own basket price there has been a fall of $79 bbl. On a like for like volume basis the group’s revenues have fallen from $3.2 billion to $847 million per day. The volume increase of 2 mbpd to 31.75 mbpd has only moderated the fall by $55 million per day. Several of our members face severe hardship from the revenue fall and have not been able to compensate by participating in the production increase. I now open the meeting up for members to express their views on how OPEC should respond to this very serious situation:-

Venezuela — the answer is clear. We must cut production and adhere to our previously agreed group quota of 30 mbpd, excluding Indonesia

Saudi Arabia — is that 30 mbpd + an additional 1 mbpd from Iran?

Venezuela — yes. The 30 mbpd base level should be allocated as per member production levels going into the meeting held at the end of November 2014 when a market share rather than price support strategy was adopted.

Libya — we cannot agree to that. Our production in November 2014 was only 640,000 bpd when we were in the midst of a civil war. There must be an allowance for us to return to our ‘normal’ production level of 1.5 mbpd.

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Posted by David Hufton