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PVM Oil Refund Policy

Membership Refund Policy

General Information

PVM Oil does not allow for the refund of membership purchases unless there are exceptional circumstances. Where exceptional circumstances can be shown to exist, the pro rata amount of the membership fee not exceeding 6 months may be refunded. Refund of membership fees could incur an administration fee which shall be confirmed with the member before being deducted from the amount of the refund.

Exceptional Circumstances

A member may apply for a refund in the case of financial hardship or due to a change in personal circumstances or career change. Exceptional Circumstances do not include the taking of sabbaticals and/or extended service leave. A partner or spouse may apply for a refund within the guidelines of this policy if the death of the members occurs during the membership period.

Overpayment Refund

Where an error has been made by PVM Oil or a banking facility which results in an overpayment being made, PVM Oil may, in consultation with the member, refund by credit of the overpayment to the membership. Where a member is responsible for the overpayment, the amount will be credited to the membership.